Samson, Living Too Close to the Edge

Samson, Living Too Close to the Edge, is a detailed look at the life of Samson as found in Judges 13 – 16.  In this book, author Tim Bartee, includes background information, such as a close look at the enemy of the Israelites and Samson, the Philistines, as well as the Nazirite Vow that would be a part of Samson’s entire life.  Samson’s parents are introduced, and they have a “wonderful” experience with the Angel of the Lord.  Samson’s kryptonite was women, and this book explores the three relationships that Samson was involved in, with each one of them ending with tragic results.  As the saga continues, one of the most notorious couples in the Bible, Samson and Delilah, enter into a game of “hide and seek” that would eventually lead to Samson’s death. In spite of all of Samson’s failures and sins, he is still mentioned in one of the Bibles’ greatest chapters, Hebrews 11, the Faith’s Hall of Fame.  As you read through this fascinating story of a man with super-human strength that is interlaced with human frailties, you will learn why God reserved a place for him among Israel’s elite. Another feature that the author included is a section at the end of each chapter entitled, “For Leaders Only,” which highlights leadership principles that are born out of each chapter.